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Resumiendo y conectando los puntos: el origen de la #Agilidad

por Jose el 12 diciembre, 2017

Normalmente la transición de waterfall hacia la Agilidad a través del aprendizaje y experiencia de un marco de trabajo como Scrum, es natural y hasta aconsejable, aunque tarde o temprano descubres lo necesario y suficiente para darte cuenta que para ser Ágil no necesitas un rígido marco de trabajo con roles predefinidos. Cada miembro, equipo y contexto son diferentes, con necesidades distintas.

¿Con tanta información sobre prácticas, metodologías, frameworks, realmente sabemos en qué consiste la Agilidad? Creo que una buena manera de entenderlo es conociendo su origen y su evolución: more →

Extreme Programming. Corollary Practices

por Jose el 30 noviembre, 2017

This practices are dificult or dangerous to implement before completing the preliminary work of the primary practices. If you begin deploying daily, for example, without getting the defect rate down close to zero, you will have a disaster on your hands. Trust your nose about what you need to improve next.

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Extreme programming. Primary practices

por Jose el 29 noviembre, 2017

The XP practices do not represent some kind of pinnacle in the evolution of software development. They are a common way station on the road to improvement.

The primary practices are useful independent of what else you are doing. They each can give you immediate improvement. You can start safely with any of them. The corollary practices are likely to be difficult without first mastering the primary practices. The amplification effect of using the practices together means there is an advantage to adding practices as quickly as you can.

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Extreme Programming. Intro & Values

por Jose el 25 noviembre, 2017

Driving is not about getting the car going in the right direction. Driving is about constantly paying attention, making a little correction this way, a little correction that way.

XP is about social change. It is about letting go of habits and patterns that were adaptive in the past, but now get in the way of us doing our best work. It is about giving up the defenses that protect us but interfere with our productivity. It may leave us feeling exposed. It is about writing great code that is really good for business.

Need both technique and good relationships to be successful.

XP is a stye of software development focusing on excellent application of programming techniques, clear communication, and teamwork.
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