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Extreme Programming. Corollary Practices

por Jose el 30 noviembre, 2017

This practices are dificult or dangerous to implement before completing the preliminary work of the primary practices. If you begin deploying daily, for example, without getting the defect rate down close to zero, you will have a disaster on your hands. Trust your nose about what you need to improve next.

Extreme programming. Primary practices

por Jose el 29 noviembre, 2017

The XP practices do not represent some kind of pinnacle in the evolution of software development. They are a common way station on the road to improvement. The primary practices are useful independent of what else you are doing. They each can give you immediate improvement. You can start safely with any of them. The […]

Extreme Programming. Intro & Values

por Jose el 25 noviembre, 2017

Driving is not about getting the car going in the right direction. Driving is about constantly paying attention, making a little correction this way, a little correction that way. XP is about social change. It is about letting go of habits and patterns that were adaptive in the past, but now get in the way […]